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About Tio Cryptocurrency

Tio Crypto-currency is a digital currency created on the Ethereum Blockchain meant to be used to pay for services on the Tio Tour Guides Platform and the entire Tio Network Group, and at any other merchants that accept Tio as a means of payment.

Tio Network Group Includes:

Tio Tour Guides: Tio Tour Guides is a social platform for Tourist, Tour Guides and Tour Operators to interconnect and pay for or escrow payments for Tour services using Tio Tokens. On the platform, users are given the flexibility and options for them to easily search for personalized tours based on their personal needs or create a paid or free personalized tour themselves. User are also able to book flights, hotel rooms, trains, etc and pay with Tio Cryptocurrency with options to choose from a network of over 600,000 Hotels, Flights, and trains worldwide. Other user options on the platform, includes, Create an Online Tio Token Wallet, Fund your online Wallet with Paypal/Debit Card, Swap your Tio Tokens for Bitcoins or Ethereum.

Official Launch November 25th, 2017

Tio Tour Magazine/Tio Tour TV: Tio Tour Digital Magazine is an online travel magazine  whereas Tio Tour TV is Television Channel both strictly devoted to the tours sector of travel. Readers/viewers would be exposed to the best Tour Spots worldwide, How to Guides, News Updates on relevant Government travel requirements, Different Tours thet cater to different personal needs.

Official Launch January 25th, 2018.

Tio Travel Tech: We are currently in the process of manufacturing a series of Trendy Travel aiding gadgets. The first of these gadgets will be announced to the community on January 16th, 2018.

Tio Entertainment Network:  Movie production and distribution House, Music Production, Talent Discovery etc.

Official Launch March, 2018.

Tio Hotels & Resorts:  The very idea behind Tio Cryptocurrency was partly born out  of the fact that we had a goal to create a chain of budget friendly hotels across South-East Asia's picturesque beaches. The first resort of the chain, a 30 room resort style hotel is currently being built inland, North of Bangkok and is at about 70% done, expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2018. The Other chain is a 320 room Hotel on Koh Samui's Beach, for which a negotiation is being done for the land . We are targeting 20 different Budget Hotels across S.E Asia alone. Holders of Tio Token will be able to walk in and pay with Tio at any one of these hotels.




Why Buy Tio Cryptocurrency?

The Tourism Industry is the Largest Industry of the Global Economy. Putting your money in the tourism sector is obviously a smart thing to do. Tio is not just a cryptocurremcy that is just sitting and hoping someone uses it, it is the official currency for the Tio Network Group and it's uses are endless, Here are some other reasons:

Supply Control

Unlike most others, we had a maximum amount for which contributors could contribute during our crowdsale and that prevented a lot of serial token dumpers from participating. This policy protects future buyers of Tio token from being victims of a massive dump by those who buy large amounts of Tokens at cheap early sale price.

Economic Policy

In general the market dictates the price of any cryptocurrency, however, we are working with a set of Economic Policies to keep the value of our tokens on an upwards trend. Currently the circulating supply of our tokens is locked at 450,000 until November 2018 to allow for a balanced demand of Tio Tokens from our platform.

Dedicated Team

Tio is not just an online cryptocurrency, it's backed by a real company,. Our social platform will aid people of all kinds of physical and mental capabilities to be able to find tours or guides. For us the drive to do this comes from a very personal place. We are not just dedicated, we are passionate.

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Our Team

Hannah Krall

Hannah Krall


Tewan Soupadee

Tewan Soupadee

Managing Director

Thaneet Ontorn

Thaneet Ontorn

Chief Financial Officer

Sigi Nashtatt

Sigi Nashtatt

Director Of Digital Marketing

Mario Kay

Mario Kay

Lead Developer

Silver Martin

Silver Martin

Marketing Manager

Jerald Nathan

Jerald Nathan

Project Manager


Craig Hovendove

            Craig is the former CEO of UBAsia, LEAPsmart Global and Edulabs Global Inc., which's in partnership with Epals, MicroSoft and Buzz Technologies. A former Guiness Book Record Holder for creator of the Largest Book on the Planet. Craig has been at the fore front of Internet Technology for the last 40 years.

      Official Partners

Airhob has been in the Travel and tours sector for over 25 years, serving hundreds of thousands of happy clients around the world and is the only booking platform in the world that allows booking of flight by comparing flier miles.
Through our partnership with Airhob Tio Tokens will be used to pay for services in a network that includes a combined total of over 670,000 Hotels , Tour Companies, Europasses, Flights and Global Trains.

Tio Token Parameters and Exchanges

Token Specification: ERC 20 Token
Contract Address: 0x16b5a0de0520e1964a20ac8ef4034bd7d0920d8f
Decimals: 18
Maximum Total Supply: 17,100,000 Tio
Maximum Circulating Supply: 450,000 Tio (Maximum Supply Locked until November 2018)
Token Track Page: https://etherscan.io/token/0x16b5a0de0520e1964a20ac8ef4034bd7d0920d8f
List of Exchanges: EtherDelta Go here to Buy or Sell TIO https://etherdelta.com/#TIO-ETH
Additional Information: You can earn free Tio by participating in all or one of our our bounty
program. Visit http://bounty.tiotourguides.com to find out more